Positivity Preferred asks:  Every day at work is like a contest to see who can complain the most. I’ve been clear that I don’t want to be part of their Complaining Club, but it’s hopeless. Not an hour goes by without somebody telling me something… Read More→

BOSS THINKS WORKSHOP IS A GOOD IDEA – but employee doesn’t like it

Service Provider asks: What can I say to convince my boss that a ‘Customer Service’ workshop is a waste of time? I provide excellent customer service – but he decided I need a workshop because of one complaint, and he won’t even tell me who… Read More→

TO BE TRULY LAZY takes effort and creativity

Frustrated Supervisor asks What can I do with a just plain lazy employee? I’ve tried threats, sweet talk, and ‘making a game of it’ as one of those Motivate Your Employees books suggested. It’s hopeless. I don’t expect much from him, but it would be… Read More→

KEEP BUILDING YOUR RESUMÉ – New learning shows your desire to succeed

To continue your knowledge growth and prepare for opportunities, it’s wise to have a recent educational entry on your resumé. Your original degrees and professional certifications need to be updated and validated by current learning achievements. An employer should see regular progress that demonstrates skill… Read More→

SMART PLANNERS OBSERVE PATTERNS – Today’s actions predict tomorrow’s behavior

Patterns are an effective tool for workplace analysis. Find patterns by observing repeating events. See your playing field more clearly by tracking relevant events. Make notes so that you can look back to see if you can discern habits and trends. Pay at least as… Read More→