SMART PLANNERS OBSERVE PATTERNS – Today’s actions predict tomorrow’s behavior

Patterns are an effective tool for workplace analysis. Find patterns by observing repeating events. See your playing field more clearly by tracking relevant events. Make notes so that you can look back to see if you can discern habits and trends. Pay at least as… Read More→

BUILDING … OR DESTROYING … WORKPLACE T R U S T ! – Stand up for respect among your colleagues

Morale in your workplace is established or dismantled by activities and attitudes that either generate or undermine trust in relationships. Weak trust creates poor communication, blame, and slower response times. Increasing trust improves direct communication, teamwork, and creativity. Ask yourself and your team appropriate questions… Read More→

EFFECTIVE JOB PERFORMANCE can be enhanced by paying attention to five habits

Efficient is not always Effective. Know the difference: Efficiency is using minimal time and effort to reach an objective. The tool for efficiency is a stopwatch, and the threat of efficiency is possible loss of long-term effectiveness. Effectiveness is achieving an objective so that it… Read More→