Employment ENJOYMENT!

  Employment Enjoyment: a Fundamental Right! Do you call your job boring and hope something fun will come find you? Or can you see the fun that’s disguised as work and share it with your colleagues? “That was fun! Let’s do it again!” How often… Read More→

Key to ‘Getting There’ is ‘BE HERE!’

Dreaming Can Sabotage Your Dreams Be Here. It’s sounds like an esoteric chunk of wisdom, but it’s a solid foundation for getting what you want: Be Here. As in, don’t be someplace else in your mind while your body is here – Be Here. Be… Read More→

Working Together

Collaboration, task sharing

Respect – Trust – Working Politics

Has loyalty, caring, and commitment between employee and employer diminished? What factors create respect? How do we choose whom to trust? Are politics in the workplace helpful or harmful? Tell us your idea about intangibles that can build or destroy relationships.

Productivity – Teamwork

What drives productivity – positive reinforcement or negative consequences? What can the organization and individual team members do to improve results? Do we have good measurements to tell how we are doing?