Jobs don’t need to be war zones

“If you want peace, understand war,” wrote B.H. Liddell Hart, military theorist and historian. Going to work isn’t supposed to be a shooting war but at some places of employment, it might as well be. There are allies, enemies, and those who strive to maintain… Read More→

Cleaner-upper wants co-worker to do his part

by Gregory Lay, Heartily WorkingTM columnist Whose job is it to clean up a mess when it’s nobody’s job to clean up? . From: The Fixer I was taught that when you see a situation that needs to be remedied, you just fix it. My… Read More→

Bored employee ‘above’ some assignments

by Gregory Lay, Heartily WorkingTM columnist Master swordsman who argues he doesn’t need to practice fundamentals has argument full of holes . From: Bored Employee’s Supervisor I have a talented but bored employee who has mastered his job, so he’s decided he’s ‘too good’ to… Read More→