Key to ‘Getting There’ is ‘BE HERE!’

Dreaming Can Sabotage Your Dreams

Be Here.

It’s sounds like an esoteric chunk of wisdom, but it’s a solid foundation for getting what you want: Be Here.

As in, don’t be someplace else in your mind while your body is here – Be Here. Be Present. Be accountable to now.

Job Satisfaction is wrapped up in that nugget. Productivity is dependent upon it. Safety is enhanced by it. Advancement adheres to it. Dreams are lifted by it.

When there’s another job or activity you’d prefer, it’s easy to let your mind drift while your physical being is held captive by your job. The problem with such mental meandering is that you’re wasting imagination and creativity on something that you aren’t creating – you’re merely cloud-walking where there’s no stairway to the clouds.

Turn Dreams Into Tasks

When there’s a different place, a better job, or an alternative reality you’d prefer, write it down. Put it in a valued place for your dream future – then go to work to earn it. And earning it means proving yourself here and now. A better job probably is looking for you, and the telltale sign it seeks is that you’re demonstrating mastery of the job you have now.

Your dream job doesn’t want you if you only dream about it – it wants you if you prove that you can handle a dream job by being excellent in your reality.

Key principles to Be Here include:

Plan – write the steps it will take to improve something about the job you have today.

Execute – go to work on that plan, recruiting others to help you execute.

Focus – make sure there’s something from that here and now plan in your daily plan.

Care – be concerned about how this plan impacts others and make sure the needs of others are met.

Learn – pay attention to the lessons that this project teaches; anchor them in your life and share them with others.

Take responsibility – your dream won’t be impressed if you let others solve your problems; being here means stepping up.

Master those and you’ll be mastering your dream without leaving your post. When make your dreams real by using elements of your dream plan in your daily plan, you’re strengthening your imagination and creativity by sharpening them on a plan you’re actually achieving.

Don’t imagine yourself where you aren’t – imagine the incredible power of focusing your imagination where you are.

Be Here.