About Accidental Career

ACCIDENTAL  CAREER is here to help you build a satisfying career – and in the process, help you strengthen the economy.

Tools for improving your professional life include:

Understanding – It helps your career when you go to work with a well-thought-out understanding of  ~Your organization’s purpose,  ~Team goals,  ~Service mentality,  ~Beliefs held by your leaders, your customers, and you,  ~ Your own strengths.

Inspiration and Motivation – You’ll find hints about being inspired and feeling motivated, and they’ll be worthwhile if you take committed action to grow.

Self-Empowerment – You bring something to your job and career that is unique, valuable, and world-changing. Don’t let anybody tell you that you aren’t enough – especially not you.

Goals and Plans – Challenging goals are your rocket ship. Specific plans to achieve those goals are your rocket fuel. Taking action to follow your plans is what ignites the fuel for take-off. Writing your goals and plans and putting the actions on your calendar is what puts you in orbit!

Leadership – Deciding what needs to be done before somebody else figures it out keeps you ‘ahead of the curve’ and is the key to being influential.

Why ‘Accidental’ Career?

Every planned or wished-form career experiences twists and turns. Situations, circumstances, surprises, changes, opportunities, needs, high hopes, and disappointments – the shape of your career changes in spite of the planning you’ve done.

Saying ‘accidental’ is a tongue-in-cheek reminder that every career needs ongoing planning. Smart planners are alert for opportunities to enhance career focus and improve results.

The role of Accidental Career is to help you effectively update your plans. To do that, we provide information about investing wisely in the job you have right now to encourage you to prepare for whatever future career you may create – be it at your present employment or for a different employer.

There are employees who aren’t giving their best to their current employer because that’s not really where they want to be. They don’t see the profit in spending energy on a job they don’t plan to pursue. They’re developing an underachiever’s attitude that will show through when they start looking for their dream job. Withholding your best doesn’t save time or energy – it becomes a habit that lowers the bar on what your best can be!

Underachievers are hoping a lucky bolt of lightning will strike and transport them to a more satisfactory career. But that kind of lightning is attracted by energy, and will strike where the super-achievers are showing off their energy!

You may not know how far the job you have right now will carry you into your future, but giving your best to this job forms habits and builds a reputation that will make you worthy of the job you want – even if you’re surprised to learn it isn’t where you expected it to be.

This isn’t a job-hunting site. Rather, Accidental Career offers information, tips, and advice to serve you in the career you have today – and to develop as good habits to carry you into your future. If you don’t work to become a star where you are, you may never get a chance to shine anyplace else!

One theory for shaping your future is to:

“Follow Your Bliss!”

But without your clear directions and focused achievement,

your bliss doesn’t know where to lead!

A better theory for career success is:

“Bloom Where You’re Planted.”

When you truly bloom, your bliss will come find you.