Why ‘Accidental’ Career?


Unexpected adjustments & predictable circumstances.

Hopeful opportunities & disappointing detours.

Failure & success!

These are the twists and turns that shape a career your career.

‘Accidental’ is a tongue-in-cheek reminder that every career needs ongoing planning and effort. Smart planners are alert for opportunities to improve their results.

Accidental Career is here to help you improve and implement the most successful career plan you can. There are two roads to a better career:  (1) Find a better job someplace else, or (2) Build a better job where you are.

Whether you decide to look elsewhere or under your nose, we know that you’ll get better results when you work to improve the job you’ve got – or if don’t have a job right now, that when you apply for a job you demonstrate a builder’s attitude. So this website is here to provide information about building greater value into the job you have right now to prepare for whatever future career you choose to create.

Invest Your Best

Since they aren’t where they want really to be, some employees don’t give their best efforts to their current employer. They see little profit in spending extra energy on a job they don’t plan to pursue. They’re developing an underachiever’s attitude that shows when they start looking for their dream job. Failing to give your best becomes a habit that lowers your personal standards on what your best can be!

Underachievers hope for a lucky bolt of lightning to transport them to their dream career, but that kind of lightning is attracted by positive energy and will strike where super-achievers are working!

You may not know how far the job you have right now will carry you, but giving your best to your right-now employer forms habits and builds a reputation that will make you worthy of the job you want, whether that’s with your current employer  –  or elsewhere.

If you don’t work to become a star where you are, you’re unlikely to get a chance to shine anyplace else!

Two theories for shaping your future are “Follow your bliss.”   or   “Bloom where you’re planted.”  But bliss needs directions. We suggest operating under the second theory. When you truly bloom, your bliss will come find you!

PIX rose bloom

  Visit Accidental Career often for blooming instructions.