Why ‘Accidental’ Career?

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Why ‘Accidental’ Career?

Careers are a maze of unplanned twists and turns. Most of us are at a career stop we didn’t exactly order from the career menu!

Calling it ‘accidental’ doesn’t suggest that we’ve abandoned our goal or should surrender to circumstances. Rather, it’s a reminder that every milestone is an opportunity to improve our career focus.

A rewarding career takes planning and dedication. The job of Accidental Career is to help you effectively develop your future. Your first priority is to prepare for your next career opportunity by investing personal excellence in the job you have right now!

There are employees who won’t give their best to their current employer because that’s not really where they want to be. They don’t see the benefit in spending energy on a job they don’t respect or plan to pursue. They’re accidentally developing an underachiever’s attitude that shows through when they look for their dream job. Withholding your best doesn’t save time or energy – it becomes a habit that resets the bar on what your best can be!

There are other employees who don’t know if the job they have right now will carry them into their future – and some who are already certain that this isn’t their dream job. But they give their best to the job they have right now, and form habits that make them worthy of the job they want.

Underachievers hope that a lucky bolt of career lightning may strike and transport them to a more satisfactory career. But that kind of lightning is attracted by energy, and will strike where the super-achievers are working!

Accidental Career offers information, tips, and advice to serve you in the career you have today – and to develop as positive habits to carry you into your future. If you won’t work to become a star where you are, you may never get a chance to shine someplace else!

There are two theories for building your future:

1.  “Quit your job, and follow your bliss.”


2.  “Bloom where you’re planted.”

We endorse the second theory. We believe that

When You Truly Bloom, Your Bliss Will Come Find You!