Professional Success Solutions
Targeted workshops to build purpose and achievement

Achieving Multiple Priorities
Handle your tasks, schedules, and project execution with relaxed competence

Importance      When you must focus on diverse challenges to meet evolving demands
Designed for    Employees responsible for collaborative output and meeting deadlines
You’ll master   Planning & prioritizing, projections, tracking, cost analysis, reporting


Communication Fantasy
Many words, few messages

Importance      Most workplace communication fails to achieve its full intent
Designed for   Team members whose productivity requires team support
You’ll master   Mutual understanding, influence, tact, listening, organizing ideas


Customer Relations
Service Mentality ain’t for sissies!
Importance      Caring for internal and external customers is a survival skill
Designed for   Every employee who might make eye contact with another human being
You’ll master   First response, listen & summarize, and words to use or avoid


Honorable and Reliable Connections
Being smart can make us stupid
Importance      Trapped in a prison of our own intelligence we miss the obvious
Designed for   Relationship-builders
You’ll master   Applying intelligence – learned, experienced, collective, IQ, EQ, SQ


Jerks, Jokers, and Geniuses
Working with ‘difficult’ people without becoming one

Importance      Friction causes deterioration in organizational culture & loyalty
Designed for    Anybody disrupted by another employee’s attitude or behavior
You’ll master   Escape right/wrong thinking, take positions without picking fights


The ‘L’ Word
How L**dership undermines management

Importance      Management/supervision is a job skill that takes definition and training
Designed for   Developing managers, supervisors, team leaders, and leaders without a title
You’ll master   Trust, respect, accountability, authority, and organizing the org chart


Rungs on Your Career Ladder
When to climb, when to hang, and how to anchor your ladder

Importance      Most workers want to move up, but few have a realistic idea of how
Designed for   Employees who have someplace to go in life and could use a better road map
You’ll master   Strategic plans, goals, organizational development, feedback, confidence


Team Performance
Smart art of collaboration

Importance     Every team must have widely accepted goals, standards, and respect
Designed for   Employees who want to experience the satisfaction of group accomplishments
You’ll master   Mutual commitment, leadership by silence, shared accountability and credit


You’re HIGHered!
Renewing the spirit of optimism from your hiring agreement

Importance      Unmotivated, disempowered employees arrive exhausted, avoid involvement
Designed for    Employees (not only managers) willing to help others be successful
You’ll master   Coaching, mentoring, helping team members develop self-empowerment

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