Which do you satisfy when two bosses want you right NOW?

PayCheck ChaCha ‘Only One of Me’ asks: Two of my bosses are in an ongoing power struggle. When one wants something “right now,” the other one is likely to come up with something else they want done first. Do I go with the boss with… Read More→

Who can best nurture the seeds of change?

Your organizational culture is not what you define, design, or target. Culture is the sum of many small habits that add up to your culture. For example, do you have a complaint about team members who complain? Complaining, you logically point out, will not move… Read More→

Who should ‘win’ tug-of-war over attending a workshop?

Dancing the PayCheckChaCha Service Provider asks: What can I say to convince my supervisor that a ‘Customer Service’ workshop is a waste of time? I provide excellent customer service – but he decided I need to attend this workshop because of just one complaint, and… Read More→

Being truly LAZY requires effort and creativity

Dancing the PayCheck ChaCha Frustrated Supervisor asks: What can I do with a just plain lazy employee? I’ve tried threats, sweet talk, and ‘making a game of it’ as one of those Motivate Your Employees books suggested. It’s hopeless. I don’t expect much from him,… Read More→

Keep building your resumé – continuous learning demonstrates your desire to succeed

PayCheck ChaCha ‘Tired of School’ asks: When can a person quit taking classes and just do their job? The people where I work are constantly taking off for college classes, seminars, and online workshops. Why were they hired if they are still in the learning… Read More→