Which do you satisfy when two bosses want you right NOW?

PayCheck ChaCha ‘Only One of Me’ asks: Two of my bosses are in an ongoing power struggle. When one wants something “right now,” the other one is likely to come up with something else they want done first. Do I go with the boss with… Read More→

You Never Know When Manager is Watching

Is that a workstation or a sound stage? Should we assume that we’re ‘on camera’ every day? You may be an unwitting video star, so keep your hair combed and “Smile! You’re on candid camera!” For some people, the camera adds ten pounds; for others,… Read More→

Learn to Communicate with Different Styles

by Gregory Lay, Heartily WorkingTM columnist You say ‘puh-tay-toe’, I say ‘poe-tah-tow’ — let’s call the whole thing a train wreck! . From: Listening to Babble My co-worker (and sort of semi-boss) doesn’t know how to get to the point. When he starts talking, he… Read More→

Colleague spitting out his words – literally

by Gregory Lay, Heartily WorkingTM columnist . They say don’t stand downwind in a spitting contest. Even smarter – don’t enter such a contest. . From: Getting an Extra Shower An employee that I must interact with several times a week spits when he speaks…. Read More→

Are rules for office romance getting easier?

by Gregory Lay, Heartily WorkingTM columnist Not enough problems with normal workplace relationships? Try dating a colleague! . From: Tempted to Fall It looks like the rules for office romances are somewhat relaxed from the past. What’s the modern rule for romantic involvement on the… Read More→