Who can best nurture the seeds of change?

Your organizational culture is not what you define, design, or target. Culture is the sum of many small habits that add up to your culture. For example, do you have a complaint about team members who complain? Complaining, you logically point out, will not move… Read More→

MOMENTUM Is a Team Achievement

Ask Your Team To Support Your Ideas Have you seen a war movie? Remember the scene where soldiers are crouched in a foxhole as bullets fly and shells explode around them – until one person grabs a weapon, yells “Follow Me!” and charges out against… Read More→

Blog Chatter

Question: How can employees & employers increase trust between them when each has a responsibility to make money at the other’s expense? Share your thoughts here! ~ Gregory

Full-time Leadership?

Role of a leader

Leadership – Management

How much of the authority in the workplace is a benefit of position, and how much is a result of behavior? Do people understand the difference between a manager and a leader?