BUILDING … OR DESTROYING … WORKPLACE T R U S T ! – Stand up for respect among your colleagues

Morale in your workplace is established or dismantled by activities and attitudes that either generate or undermine trust in relationships. Weak trust creates poor communication, blame, and slower response times. Increasing trust improves direct communication, teamwork, and creativity. Ask yourself and your team appropriate questions… Read More→

Employment ENJOYMENT!

  Employment Enjoyment: a Fundamental Right! Do you call your job boring and hope something fun will come find you? Or can you see the fun that’s disguised as work and share it with your colleagues? “That was fun! Let’s do it again!” How often… Read More→

Say “Hi!” to EMOTIONS

Ignoring Bad Feelings Magnifies Them When somebody gets upset and you can see that their emotions are bubbling near the surface, it’s important to acknowledge those emotions without putting them in charge. “I can see that this bothers you” or “I understand that this is… Read More→

TEARS Undermine Your Influence

Manage Crying Response During workplace communications, some of us have a tendency to tear up during tense situations. If your eyes spring a temporary leak – that is, you find yourself caught with your emotions showing in the form of tears, realize two important concepts:… Read More→

EFFECTIVE JOB PERFORMANCE can be enhanced by paying attention to five habits

Efficient is not always Effective. Know the difference: Efficiency is using minimal time and effort to reach an objective. The tool for efficiency is a stopwatch, and the threat of efficiency is possible loss of long-term effectiveness. Effectiveness is achieving an objective so that it… Read More→