‘Busy’ Tasks Shouldn’t Push FOCUS Tasks Aside

Hop Off the Task List Treadmill And Do the Things With Greatest Value Many of us create a To Do list to guide our efforts. As we check off entries on our list, we create a Done list – a satisfying recounting of efforts in… Read More→

Key to ‘Getting There’ is ‘BE HERE!’

Dreaming Can Sabotage Your Dreams Be Here. It’s sounds like an esoteric chunk of wisdom, but it’s a solid foundation for getting what you want: Be Here. As in, don’t be someplace else in your mind while your body is here – Be Here. Be… Read More→

Jobs don’t need to be war zones

“If you want peace, understand war,” wrote B.H. Liddell Hart, military theorist and historian. Going to work isn’t supposed to be a shooting war but at some places of employment, it might as well be. There are allies, enemies, and those who strive to maintain… Read More→

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