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Valuable & Instructive Connections

Become a member of a professional organization to develop your leadership and relationship skills as you learn from others. Find the organization that serves your present industry – that’s the place to begin. Or if there’s a different area of professional development that interests you, join that organization. Visit two or three meetings before you join to be sure it is a compatible group. Here are some good exploration opportunities:

ATD – Association for Talent Development. Research and best practices in talent development in organizations. Target membership is trainers, but helpful to all employees on a leadership track. Changed name in 2014 from Association for Training and Development (ASTD). Check for local chapters.

ISPI – International Society for Performance Improvement. Performance Improvement (also called Human Performance Technology) is the systematic approach to improving productivity and competence – the key to competitiveness. Check for local chapters.

Jaycees – United States Junior Chamber of Commerce for young citizens ages 18 to 40 looking to become a civic leader, develop professional skills, and make new connections while addressing serious community issues. Check for local chapters.

Rotary – Expand leadership and professional skills. Discuss community needs and creative ways to meet them. Check for local chapters.

SHRM – Society for Human Resource Management. Membership targets are supervisors and HR employees. Check for local chapters.

Toastmasters– Developing leadership and communication skills. Friendly feedback on practice speeches. Check for local clubs.