What are you DOING here?

Not just here on this website – this is a smart place to be.

But here – in your career.

Is what you’ve got now what you had planned at this point in your lifetime occupation?

Most careers happen with an element of accidence and you may be left wondering …

Am I missing something that was supposed to be?

Don’t let unplanned dreams rob you of the inherent value of your present position.

Put your dreams to work!

Use Accidental Career to get ideas, inspiration, tips, and practical plans
to improve job satisfaction and strengthen your employment to build a stronger, happier career.

Whatever your ‘dream job’ – right where you are … or someplace you haven’t found yet
giving  focus and execution to this job is the way to

attract the kind of lightning that will light up your career.

Keep improving your skills and building your reputation to

Make your dream follow you!