You Never Know When Manager is Watching

Is that a workstation or a sound stage? Should we assume that we’re ‘on camera’ every day? You may be an unwitting video star, so keep your hair combed and “Smile! You’re on candid camera!” For some people, the camera adds ten pounds; for others,… Read More→

You can’t be serious…‘RELAX’ in this crisis?

by Gregory Lay, Heartily WorkingTM columnist Stress is like swimming in the tar pits. Even if you get to the other side, you’re too exhausted to enjoy it. . From: Supervisor Searching for Positivity I’m interested in making my workplace a better team place. Our… Read More→

Learn to Communicate with Different Styles

by Gregory Lay, Heartily WorkingTM columnist You say ‘puh-tay-toe’, I say ‘poe-tah-tow’ — let’s call the whole thing a train wreck! . From: Listening to Babble My co-worker (and sort of semi-boss) doesn’t know how to get to the point. When he starts talking, he… Read More→

Lazy label could hide actual problem

by Gregory Lay, Heartily WorkingTM columnist“ . “Good morning, Good-for-Nothing! What job will you avoid today?” . From: Frustrated Supervisor What do I do with a just plain lazy employee? I’ve tried threats, sweet talk, and ‘making a game of it’ as one of those… Read More→

Jump off E-mail-go-round and learn to talk

by Gregory Lay, Heartily WorkingTM columnist Explaining why you’re smarter than others isn’t smart. . From: Buried By Negative E-Mails I’m an intelligent person who can’t seem to get credit for it from my boss. Every week, it seems like he finds something I’ve done… Read More→