Presentation Skills

Say It Like You Mean It!

Communication is the bedrock of your personal and organizational success. Accidental Career presents workshops and personalized coaching to help you hone your professional presentation skills. You’ll:

Make your core message clear and memorable.

Master speaking techniques to make your words more powerful.

Improve your connection with listeners.

Don’t miss career advantages from capitalizing on speaking opportunities. Whether it’s public speaking before important audiences, conversations with customers and colleagues, or speaking up effectively in meetings – more than any other factor, your influence and effectiveness are determined by your speaking ability.

Certified World Class Speaking CoachGregory Lay is a Certified World Class Speaking CoachTM from the Meyerson-Valentine Institute. He’s a qualified professional member of the National Speakers Association, an experienced coach for TEDx speakers, and a contract speaker and trainer who has presented to the employees of more than 5,000 organizations in the private and public sectors.

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