R E A D I N G – black and white rungs on the ladder to success

Reading is a success habit.

Successful people have thousands of intelligent advisers – and they find them in articles, blogs, and between the covers of a book.

Don’t try to understand everything all at once. Read a single article, blog, or chapter in a book, then get some work done and observe how what you’ve just read applies to your work. You’ll remember more and understand it better when you integrate your reading with practical experience.

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Culture – Building or Destroying Trust in the Workplace

Questions to determine whether you are enhancing the trust factor at your place of employment … or tearing it down!

Culture – Employment Enjoyment: A FUNdamental Right

Strategies to work on job satisfaction and workplace comfort.

Culture – Positive Attitude is a Job Skill

Study and practice the correct techniques for attitude-building.

Networking –First Step in a New Professional Relationship

Stand out from the crowd with the way you handle your 2″x3 1/2” business ambassador.

Planning – Checklist for Career Growth

Activities beyond the job description to build your leadership skill and enhance your reputation as a leader.

Planning – Getting Our Jobs Under ‘CONTROL’

Ways to escape self-induced stress and feel more organized.