UpFront Speaking Testimonials

Thank you for your very valuable feedback on my speech. It helped me to improve key elements. I liked the way you encouraged me to rethink about opening of my speech. I ended up with much better opening after your feedback. I highly recommend your speech evaluation service. – Kapil Patel, software developer

Thank you for your critique.  You had a lot of good ideas, which I will definitely implement.  I never felt completely good about my opening, and really like your suggestion.  It engages the audience and starts my story at the same time. There were some things I was attached to in the draft that I sent, but you showed how they weren’t needed and were actually holding me back from making this a better speech. This was very helpful. – Karen Rosquist

Thank you for the opportunity to work with a World Class Speaking Coach. What an honor and privilege. All of your suggestions made sense, and I’ll work to incorporate them into my speaking. I appreciate your encouragement!  Thank you for your time, willingness, and professionalism. – Sharon Serrano, civil celebrant

Gregory did a great job of keeping everyone included and interested. I learned a lot about communication, and how important honesty is. P.S. Also is very funny!” – Kelli Harshman, finance department, San Antonio, TX

Thank you so much for your presentation on Extemporaneous Speaking.  The big gain was that the members now know that they can do it. We get much more enjoyment from our meetings these days. In general, the speakers show much more confidence and less hesitation. Lois Bursack, business manager, NM

Thank you very much for your two presentations, ‘Delivering an Effective Message’ and ‘Effective Meetings’ UNM College of Pharmacy’s professional improvement seminar. Students are still talking about it and can’t wait to use the public speaking and meeting strategies you discussed.  Resources you provided will be very helpful. Kelly Hoggatt, University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy

Really liked Gregory and his personality – he is down to the point, energetic, fun, professional, and very informative about communication skills. Francesca Comell, manager, Las Vegas, NV