Attitude & Emotion  (link)

Positive attitude makes it easier to work with those who don’t have one!

Communication & Influence (link)

An ability to deliver ideas to a receptive audience is the difference between growth and stagnation for both individuals and organizations.

Creativity & Problem-Solving (link)

You don’t have to see what others can’t see, you just have to see what they see, but without pre-judgement.

Inspiration & Leadership (link)

Leadership isn’t in your genes, but in your powers of observation. Knowing what to look for in your team members and how to motivate others is the power of leadership – and that power isn’t limited to those with authority.

Management & Supervision (link)

Some people wield authority like a bulldozer, others like a paint brush! Knowing how to care for your organization and individuals takes thoughtfulness and skill.

Productivity & Quality  (link)

There are two commonly-accepted goals at work:  Get It Done! and Get It Right!

Relationships & Politics (link)

Relationships are about what you can do for each other – do a lot and enjoy better relationships. Politics gets a bad reputation when people play the game ‘under the table.’  Bring influence out in the open for a stronger organization.

Satisfaction & Loyalty (link)

People who generate internal satisfaction and outwardly express loyalty to their job have a foundation of mental power that propels them to significantly greater career success.

Teamwork & Collaboration (link)

Turn your team into champions with mutual understanding and commitment! Putting ideas and efforts together takes skill.

Trust & Respect  (link)

Building a culture of trust and respect takes time and commitment.