Cooperative planning produces better outcomes

Success planning is an expectation for all people in all organizations.

Employees expect organizational leadership to plan so that the organization remains strong and viable, able to continue to do fulfill it’s purpose, and pay its employees. At the same time, leadership expects its employees to plan ahead to be able and ready to execute and improve the organizational plan ‘where the rubber meets the road.’

The link that connects these two planning requirements is a mutual understanding of their common goal. An organization that thinks it must merely describe what it needs from its employees without enlisting their buy-in has an incomplete plan. Likewise, an employee who believes that showing up to execute a repetitive daily plan that only leads to a paycheck at the end of the week also has an incomplete plan.

The missing factor in both incomplete plans is synergy. An organization without committed employees – or employees without a supportive organization – are struggling uphill against internal obstacles. In each case, a solution is to be found in a wider focus on success. No organization will reach its highest pinnacle without making and consistently implementing a plan to ensure the success and well being of each of its employees. No employee will reach his or her maximum success without formulating and carrying-out a plan to guarantee and increase the strength of the organization of which they are a part.

To reach that state of cooperation, the organization must invite the employees to understand and participate in the planning process early. The employees must commit their best thinking to organizational challenges, remembering that problems may be different than at individual or department levels. It’s important for the company to get consistent support from its employees even when the plans selected aren’t always the ones they proposed.

Leadership that sees beyond the profit margin and employees who see beyond their paycheck are in position to discover and implement plans to pump up both corporate and individual economic muscle.   The position they are in is side-by-side – neither can do the job without the other.

by Gregory Lay

Accidental Career blog ~ Going to work with purpose!

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